Summer League Rules


Games are to 15 with halftime at 8.  One timeout per half plus one floater.  11th edition UPA rules are in effect.  Spirit of the game is the first and most important rule of summer league!


Co-ed Gender Ratio

All games are to be played with a 4M:3F gender ratio.  If, at the beginning of games, captains agree to alter this arrangement, it must be done with mutual agreement.  All arrangements should be made in the spirit of fair play and should consider both reasonable playing time for women and men on both teams.  If no agreement can be made, the 4M:3F ratio must be maintained.


It is the captain's and the player's duty to ensure waivers are signed before anyone plays in a game. WAIVERS MUST BE SIGNED PRIOR TO PLAY.  


"Pick-Up Players" Policy

No non-summer league pick-up players are allowed to play in summer league games.  All of our players are registered and covered under liability insurance.  Pick-up players put you and our entire league at risk, as they are not covered.  If you know someone who wishes to play, please encourage them to sign up for the league.


Inclement Weather

Games may be cancelled due to rain at any time.  If it has been raining all day, check here for updates around 3 or 4 pm on game day.  If it begins raining heavily during games, captains must be responsible and stop play if the fields are being damaged in any way.  All games must be cancelled if thunder / lightning is observed.


Rescheduling Games

Captains may agree to rescheule rained-out games to future dates.  To do so, find available field space on the schedule, and tell the CUC Board of your intentions, so that the schedule can be updated.