Past Summer League Champions

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Season Year Champion Captain Runner-Up Captain
22 2017

Ox Co (coed)

Bromine (men's)

David Griffin

Trevor Charles & Sal Marino

Alka Limes

Carbon Callahan

Glen Weill & Mark Falinski

Michael Casey

21 2016

Pong! (coed)

Mortal Konvict (men's)

Frank Costello

Trevor Charles & Sal Marino

Hammer Bros

Sonic the Huckhog

Nate Austin & Kate Baylis

Ryan Baldassario

20 2015

Let the Wookiee Win (coed)

Vader's Boom Stick (men's)

John Korber

Trevor Charles

Forced Star Wars Pun

Sith Kebabs

David Griffin

Matt Zawacki

19 2014

Seven Hump Wump Dump (coed)

Thing 1 Caught Red Handed (men's)

Frank Costello

Trevor Charles

Oh, The Places You'll Throw!


Holland Florian

Dan Christianson

18 2013

Google Maps (coed)

Lump Day (men's)

John Korber

Eric Renkewith

Long Strange Trip

Azure Balls

Kevin McHenry

Mike Arcata

17 2012

Flying Seamen (coed)

Sexy Six (men's)

Andy Dows

John Catarius

Incredible Huck

CT Prostitution

Frank Costello

Mike Ford

16 2011

Hurley's Curse (coed)

Macho Madne$$ (men's)

Kevin McHenry

Matt Peters

Heckle Me Elmo

Cxxx Jugglers

Tim Hennessey

CJ Ouellette

15 2010 Patron? Tim Hennessey & Kayla Olson Swill, Baby, Swill Dan Griffiths
14 2009 Clown Baby Todd Larese Fuse Frank Costello
13 2008 Heave 'n Hope John Korber Cuoco's Nest Dan Cuoco
12 2007 Shaken Not Stirred Frank Costello Hurley's Curse Kevin McHenry
11 2006 C.T.U. Dan Cuoco Godswilla John Catarius
10 2005 Sean's N.U.T. Sean Laing Sexy Beast Jonas Niaura
9 2004 Sexy Beast Jonas Niaura Rolled Gold Georges Clermont
8 2003 AC/DC Don & Ann Corson Orange Georges Clermont
7 2002 Purple Haze Ken Evitts Blue John Ho
6 2001 Air Po Kevin McHenry Orange Cheryl Hansin / Jay Cohen
5 2000 Green Frank Costello White Mike Green
4 1999 Blue John Lind Black Noel Petra
3 1998 Blue Bret Evans Green Frank Costello
2 1997 Shaka Banana Arron Hoshide Spontaneous Hos Kevin McHenry
1 1996 Green Frank Costello White Scott Blankenburg

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