Games will follow 11th edition UPA rules with following modifications:

Gender Ratio:

5v5 with 4:1 gender ratio. Due to the limited amount of women on each team, we will allow 5:0 as needed.  Please follow the spirit of the game and try not to abuse any mismatches this may create.  If this becomes a problem, the 5:0 ratio may be reevaluated as the season progesses. 

Game Structure:

Each night, each team will play for 1 hour: 10 min warm up, 50 min game (teams can start sooner if they desire). Flip for pull. Stall at 10. No halftime. 2 time outs per team.

Sub on the Fly rules:

There will be a substitution area on the home sideline at midfield ~2 yards to either side of the midfield line extending ~2 yards onto the field. Substitutions may be made on the fly only when one player has reached their sideline substitution area completely and has tagged their teammate. After this the substituting player may take the field.

A pull will start the game. After a point is scored, a self check will be used on the front goal line. The team restarting play has 10 seconds to resume play. After 10 seconds, the defending team may start a stall count if play has not resumed.