Tolland Spring League (aka the "Old School" League)


Duuuuuuuuude! Remember the 70s?

Back then you were a hip, trippin, Ultimate machine!  ... but now Ultimate is more about tripping, breaking a hip, and being placed on a machine.  How times have changed! :(

Fear not, Mac Daddy!  You can still "relive the glory days" with your geriatric peers in the Connecticut Ultimate Club's third annual OLD SCHOOL LEAGUE!!!

OLD SCHOOL LEAGUE is Connecticut's premiere Ultimate league geared toward the more-experienced players (aka geezers) among us.

Games will be played at the Star Hill Athletic Center on Mondays, from March 7th to May 9th! The $65 registration fee (+$16.50 for non-USAU members) gets you ten full weeks of far-out, lighted, indoor, shagodelic fun! Best of all, OLD SCHOOL LEAGUE games are played at 8:00 pm --which leaves plenty of time to get your grove on after games in Star Hill's on-site bar! Can you dig it?  

Don't delay! Registration closes on March 3rd and space is limited!

Registration For This League is Full




Quick Facts

Who: All ages 18+ are welcome, but we'd especially like to turn out the geezers among us! 
What: Tolland Spring League (AKA the "Old-School" league!)
When: Every Monday night, March 14th to May 16th.  Games will be at 8:00 pm. 
Where: Star Hill Athletic Center (15 minutes East of Hartford)
Why: Come on! "Golden Girls" hasn't been on in years! What else are you going to do on a Monday night?
"The 70s... when style
trumped skillz"

Why We LOVE Tolland Spring League

We're VERY excited about the 8pm time slot! When it comes to renting lighted, indoor space, it doesn't get much better than that!  Also, to maximize your playing time, we'll be playing 5 vs 5, sub-on-the-fly!  Finally, the location is super-convenient (only 15 minutes East of Hartford, down I-84.)


Why We LOVE The Star Hill Sports Bubble

We've been trying to get into this bubble for years!  The Star Hill Athletic Center boasts a 105,000 sq foot dome that encompasses three turf fields, two full-sized basketball courts, a 365 meter jogging track, and a batting cage.  In addition Star Hill features a cafe serving food, BEER, and wine, locker rooms, free WIFI, and an indoor swimming pool.  In short, this place is amazing!