The following policies are listed here to clarify rules regarding registration, refunds, sponsorships, etc.  Each of these were approved by the CUC board at its December 2011 meeting.


Deceptive Registration:  Any player who deliberately mis-represents his or her name, age, or skill level may be removed from the league without refund.  Removal will be at the discretion of the CUC board.


Registration Order: A player is not considered registered until payment is received.  It is the responsibility of the player to ensure that proper payment has been received.  Please check the "registered player list" during registration to ensure that your information and payment have been received properly. 


Registration Close: Any player who registers or pays after the league is full or after the announced registration close date and time will be considered to be on the waitlist.  Please review the waitlist policy below for more details.


Waitlist Policy: Being on the waitlist is not a guarantee of playing in the league.  Movement of any player from the waitlist into the league is at the discretion of the CUC board and league organizers.  Factors that the board may consider in using the waitlist include but are not limited to skill level balance and gender ratio. Waitlists are not to be considered first-come-first-served.


Withdrawal/Refund Policy: CUC will honor any registration withdrawal request made prior to the announced registration close date and time and a full refund will be issued.  Any refunds requested after registration close will be considered on a case by case basis.  Individual refunds in corporate-style leagues will not be granted to individual players by the club. 


Merchandise Refund Policy:  No merchandise refunds will be issued once the CUC has ordered the merchandise.


Waitlist Refund Policy:  Any waitlist player that has already paid a league registration may request and receive a refund at any point prior to being placed in the league and be removed from the waitlist.


Baggage Policy: Baggage policy for each league is at the discretion of the board, and will be posted before the start of registration for each league. Exceptions to the baggage policy may be enacted at the discretion of the board.


Negative Baggage:  Absent legally extenuating circumstances, CUC will not honor any requests to avoid being on someone else's team.


Promotion of Non-Club Events: Promotion of any event is contingent upon the request being made by an active CUC club member, and endorsed by a current board member. The board requires advance notice of 60 days prior to the event in order to consider promotion.

As it is our mission to promote Ultimate throughout Connecticut, the board will consider assisting in the promotion and communication of Ultimate-related activities, within the limits of the manpower and time availability of the board.

Promotion of non-Ultimate events may be considered, if the event offers benefits to club members.  However, funding will not be provided to non-Ultimate events. 

During promotion of any event, it must be made explicitly clear that such event is not an official CUC event.


Sponsorships / Donations: As it exceeds the bounds of our mission, CUC will not consider sponsoring or making donations to non-Ultimate-related causes.  CUC may consider donations to Ultimate-related events.  60 days advance notice is required for the consideration of sponsorship.


Email Yahoogroup Listservs: “CTUltimate-Official” is the official communication tool of CUC and will only be utilized for official club announcements, or promotions approved by the CUC board.

“CTUltimateFun” is a public listserv open to all, and is only moderated by the CUC board and other CT Ultimate community members for spam. Any public member may announce, promote, or comment on this listserv without censorship.