Summer League Registration FAQ

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Q: How do I indicate my preference of a division?

A: The first question on the registration form will ask you your preference.  The earlier you register and pay for the league, the more likely you are to have your preference honored.  You will be given the following choices:

a) I am happy to play in either division.

b) I prefer to play in the co-ed division, but am willing to play men's if necessary.

c) I prefer to play in the men's division, but am willing to play co-ed if necessary.


Q: How are co-ed and men's divisions going to be formed?

A: All women, and men baggaged with women, will be placed into the co-ed division.  A limited number of co-ed teams will be formed based on the number of women registrants, which will, in turn, decide the total number of men allowed in the co-ed division.  Men who indicate a preference to play in the men's division will likely play there, and those who indicate a preference to play co-ed will likely play there.  Men who indicate no preference will be placed into one of the two divisions.  It is our goal to create equally balanced and fun leagues, so we do not unilaterally promise that we will meet everyone's primary preference.


Q: What if I choose a different division than my friends?

A: This is why we will schedule both divisions side-by-side, at the same fields and on the same days.  You will still be able to socialize with friends during and after games.  Additionally, the tournaments will be on the same day at the same field site.


Q: How do I increase my chances of getting into the division of my choice?

A: Registering and paying early will maximize your chances of getting your preference fulfilled.


Q: Is the men's division going to be ultra-competitive?

A: Our experience in three seasons of doing this is that this is not the case.  Teams are balanced skill-wise and you will always find an appropriate field matchup regardless of your skill level. 


Q: How many teams are expected in each division?

A: We won't know until registration is complete.  Last season featured 12 co-ed teams and 10 men's teams.


Q: How do I know that my registration has been processed correctly?

A: The CUC board will periodically check the registration database and cross-check it with payments received via PayPal.  We will maintain a list of registrants during April and early May.  You can check this list to confirm we've received your registration.


Q: How will I be placed on a team?

A: Summer league is a draft league.  Volunteer captains gather in late May to select players for their teams. 


Q: When will I know what division I have been placed in?

A: We will publish lists approximately two weeks after registration ends.


Q: When will I know what team I am on?

A: Rosters and schedules will be posted on this website shortly after the draft in late May.


Q: Are refunds allowed?

A: Refunds are only allowed if you request one prior to the registration date.  No refunds will be given after this date. 


Q: Can I play with my friend?  (i.e. "baggage" rules)

A: We allow baggage between two people, be it Male-Male, Male-Female, or Female-Female.  This is in an effort to encourage new players and make summer league more family-friendly.  However, we do not allow top-level players to baggage together, because this creates an unfair balance amongst teams.  If you wish to be paired with a friend, both of you must note the other's name in the baggage field of the registration form.


Q: Can I avoid playing with someone I don't like?  (i.e. "negative baggage")

A: Absent legally extenuating circumstances, we will not honor any request for you to not be drafted onto another person's team.

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