Minutes - CUC Board of Directors Meeting - 10/3/2017

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Minutes - CUC Board of Directors Meeting - 10/3/2017


CUC Board of Directors Meeting

October 3, 2017

Call to Order: 6:40pm

Adjournment: 8:15pm


Present: Dan Griffiths, Scott Blankenburg, Jenny Gobin, Ryan Baldassario, Holland Florian, Teddy Straub, Bryce Nakoka,

Absent: Kayla Olson


>Election of CUC Vice President

-Dan Griffiths nominated Ryan Baldassario (seconded by Jenny Gobin)

-Vote: 5 Yes (Bryce, Holland, Teddy, Jenny, Scott), 1 Abstention (Ryan)

Vote Passes


>Committee Rules and Overview

-Annual review of existing committee guidelines, membership rules, and reimbursement guidelines


>>North Branford Committee

-Holland Florian, Bryce Nakoka


>> East Windsor Committee

-Jenny Gobin, Teddy Straub


>Reimbursement Guidelines

-Dan provided overview of eligible and ineligible reimbursement claims, and the scope/intent of eligible requests.


>CTUL Funding Guidelines

-Discussion pertaining to the use of CUC funds to support youth ultimate, and how CUC and CTUL were differentiated. Scott Blankenburg expressed concern with CTUL and advocated for financial independence for the organization, as opposed to having CUC have to maintain direct administrative and fiscal oversight.


>Youth Committee

Previous standing youth committee membership renewed (Dan Griffiths, Bryan Pfalzgraf, Trevor Charles)


>Membership Rules

-Discussion of what is means to be a “member” of CUC. Those who were active in at least one league within CUC oversight over the past calendar year. Discussion turned to whether individual participants in CTUL or YCC would constitute as members, based on existing structure.


>Board Vacancy (1 Director Position Available)

-Tim Helmecki and Bryan Sprague discussed for role. Bryan Sprague did not submit intention to run, no did he run in most recent fall election.

-Tim Helmecki nominated by Jenny Gobin due to his intention to run for board in most recent election (seconded by Teddy Straub).

-Vote: 6 Yes (Bryce, Holland, Teddy, Jenny, Scott, Ryan)


>CTUL Youth Committee

-Discussion of actions of CTUL, including the scheduling of games and annual tournaments. Increased focus will be placed on the annual tournament for both Division I and Division II (lower turnout for 2017 iteration due to poor weather).


>Website Renewal

-Vote to renew/retain existing webmaster for CUC website.

-Vote: 6 Yes (Bryce, Holland, Teddy, Jenny, Scott, Ryan)


>Future Efforts

-Jenny Gobin and Ryan Baldassario discussed meeting with UConn faculty to learn about ways to get ultimate curriculum included into afterschool programming with Hartford elementary schools

-Ryan Baldassario mentioned efforts of working with Girl Scouts of CT to hold a Learn to Play clinic in fall or mid-spring