CUC Board Meeting Agenda 30 November 2016

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CUC Board Meeting Agenda 30 November 2016

No board official vote on anything at meeting.


East Windsor Winter League (Gobin)

  • Discuss timing & who is doing what
  • Finish vote-
    • Jeff, Chris and Jenny have it under control and have already been in contact with EW
    • Two sessions of 9 weeks (12/14-2/8 and 2/15-4/12), extended slot from 8:15-9:30
    • To reserve all 18 weeks up front at rate of 1 hour * 3 fields * $200 comes to a total of $10,800
    • Need to finalize with EW and then email for board vote
    • Discussed opening it up to 16yr olds, but need spectating chaperone and cannot be a player
    • Tolland emailed and said very busy and not willing to accommodate us over soccer


Merchandise Discussion

  • VC / Spin proposal
  • Input from YCC / CTUL coaches –
  • need to get input from Todd and Alex on if they want to use VC for YCC
    • in the past, Kayla has ordered jerseys for them through discounted VC price, last year even though they had the discount they ended up going through savage because they were offered some free jerseys
  • Would any CTUL school be included?
  • Can we get a deal for selling of merchandise at States, Trevor went through breakmark last year
    • Need to discuss with Scott to update contract with VC


Fundraising Plans (Baldassario)

  • Jenny and Baldy are going to talk to UConn about what they do with surrounding organizations
  • Hooker?
  • Moes?
  • Volunteer swag
  • Hat tournament?
  • Hosting indoor natties?


US Open Discussion (Griffiths)

  • USAU was recognized by IOC, looking at 2024
    • WFDF would get $17M if becomes olympic sport
  • All states need to get ready for surge of growth
  • USAU urged for support for youth growth
    • Schools need to be more supportive with IOC and ESPN
  • Tiered structure of governing bodies
  • State-based organizations
    • NE ultimate, NC ultimate, etc, not working yet, focus on doing events to make money
  • Partnering with local club teams
    • Having teams volunteer for CUC events
    • help them with field security and affiliate pricing
  • Long term plan for youth club and high school         
  • Fundraising ideas- local breweries, Austin and Triangle (NC) do day camps - $150 and then pay staff
    • How would we delegate- CUC would set rules and then let someone take charge and give incentive
  • Discussion of other affiliates


Trevor Charles plans for overnight camp

  • an overnight camp, 3-5 days, at a prep school in CT. 
  • These can be very lucrative and the one that Tiina runs in Amherst makes a lot. 
  • Trevor thinks there is a solid market for it of interested kids and parents.  He has a lot of contacts out there and has done a lot of prep work already. 
  • Dan has discussed with him to see how CUC can get involved, that long term it would be something we would like running and building on as an offering (and revenue stream). 
    • He was prepared to run it all himself but is agreeable to CUC ownership if he is given a large profit share. 
    • The board has agreed that we are generally ok with this.  And Dan said he would talk to him further and bring more details back to the board before any commitment.
    • We will discuss financials, liability, staffing etc with Trevor


Set next tentative meeting date – Jan/Feb