Board meeting minutes 4/6/17

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Board meeting minutes 4/6/17

Present: Ryan Baldassario, Sean Murnane, Ken Evitts, Dan Griffith,  Tim Helmeki, Scott Blankenburg, Chris Cox, Kayla Olson, Jenny Gobin

absent: Jeff Adams

Fundraising- Ryan B – looking into Hooker Brewery- he is going to send out more details, but got info on pricing and is looking at dates that do not conflict with club and holidays (looking at 3rd week in July)

Looked into purchasing pint glasses with CUC logo- found a company that would have more hands on with us and will send more info out

Field sites for summer league-

  • cove park whole season
  • Berlin- same as last year (a little weird because split up spring and summer which is split in July, so has details for june but not july yet) Berlin has another site that is an old golf course and is pretty flat, Baldy is going to contact and scout it out
  • Cromwell- giving us woodside and peirson for the same amount of last year (3wks in pierson for the beginning and then woodside) only one field at pierson because little league didn’t like us in the outfield
  • Cheshire- talked to the soccer club and they were fine with the dates that we wanted (we use 3 fields there now) and talked to them about the tourney
  • Turf- Derek (a member of our club) talked to them last week, he is ok with us using a site in East Windsor and Derek relayed that our payment would be half of what we initially said because we would be using it half as much. Someone has to meet with representative of the turf farm and walk the site to figure out logistics. (Chris) - talk about parking, neighborhood, cleats are ok, $2500, 4-6 fields in June


Draft site- same room that we have used in the past is not available but there is another one for 30 ppl, pasta stations, Tuesday may 30, set up at 5pm, have until 11pm, set price for $275 for the room with addition of food came to a total of $731.  Same tables, bring extension cords,



Ken E is presenting

            Presented past 4 years and then proposed for this year- being conservative, added in $3000 for turf farm

            Same number of players last year, same number of refunds, break down of different categories for the budget,  part goes to admin costs for the board, part goes to ycc coaches, some goes to volunteers- $net of 5217, if we use turf farm, $net 2217


Dan proposes- giving YCC coaches stipends- $1000 total, $2000 for travel costs

  • Last year- players paid for travel, hotel, jerseys
  • Had a net of $3500 between donations and fundraising etc for youth ultimate

                        Previous banked the money for kids that are in “need”

  • Discussion on where money should come from and also if there are 4 coaches

            Decided that should not come from SL budget, $4000 budgeted for YCC but should set a max value for cost for SL this year and then amend later as needed –Unanimous vote

Voted- if player number increase, we increase what was budgeted for discs and jerseys without another vote- unanimous vote

Ryan B will take lead for end of season survey

Scott is going to take down announcements on website

Volunteer work:

Husky Sports- Hopefully in the fall we’ll have grown work for what we can do for college kids- Jenny is starting in that program in the fall so should be able to talk to them a lot more           

US Open- Aug 3-7- MN- Ryan B interested