CUC Board Meeting – September 26, 2016

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CUC Board Meeting – September 26, 2016

Present:  Dan Griffiths, Jeff Adams, Kayla Olson, Jenny Gobin, Tim Helmecki, Tim Hennessey, Ryan Baldassario, Sean Murnane,

Absent:  Scott Blankenburg

Call to Order:  6:36pm

Adjournment:  7:58pm



Non Board Members in Officer Rolls – Keep Ken Evitts as Treasurer for the at least the upcoming year


Ken has agreed to then work with a few individuals identified by the board to learn how to correctly keep the books so there are multiple individuals with the appropriate knowledge



Fill vacancy of Tim Hennessey’s departure with past board member Chris Cox



New Board Member Orientation - Dan

  • By-Laws – Vague with some specifics
    • Key Clauses that are required are present
    • Every vote is a majority rules
    • Quorum is more than ½ of the board
    • Can increase/decrease the number of board members
    • Directors are 2 year terms
      • Directors choose officers whose term is 1 year
    • All Directors get 1 vote
      • No veto
      • Any director can nominate a motion that then has to be seconded
  • Certificate of incorporation
    • Pledge ourselves exclusively for charitable or education purposes and to promote the sport of ultimate
  • Board is not prohibited to pay directors or pay staff
  • Processing
    • Setting up committees and delegating responsibilities for various operations of CUC
  • Table financial discussion until Ken Evitts is present


New Officers Approved


  • Jeff Adams

Vice President

  • Dan Griffiths


  • Kayla Olson


All Committees approved

North Branford Committee

  • Dan Griffiths
  • John Lind
  • Sean Murnane

East Windsor Committee

  • Jenny Gobin
  • Jeff Adams
  • Chris Cox
  • Baldy

Tolland Committee

  • Previously decided via email

Youth Committee

  • Dan Giffiths
  • Tim Helmecki
  • Pfalzgraf
  • Jenny Gobin
  • Trevor Charles

Webmaster offered for Free Summer League and board member shirt

  • Jake Harvey

Fund Raising

  • No real process defined
  • Databases for United Way and Amazon Smile
  • Could potentially ramp it up and potentially develop a committee, right now 2 board members have offered to initiate the fundraising process
    • Baldy
    • Tim Helmecki


Partnership with Club Teams

  • CUC offers stability with funding and other areas and club teams provide volunteers for coaching clinics and/or CUC sponsored events
  • Discussion for future meetings


Discussion to hold more events during the calendar year

  • Hat Tournaments
  • Youth Tournaments
  • Minimal costs
  • Another vein for revenue
  • More ways to attract new players