CUC Board of Directors Meeting February 22, 2016

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CUC Board of Directors Meeting February 22, 2016

Call to Order: 6:30pm

Adjournment: 8:23pm


Present: Jeff Adams, Chris Cox, Dan Griffiths, Scott Blankenburg, Sean Murnane, Jenny Gobin, Tim Helmecki, Tim Hennessey

Absent: Ken Evitts


Minutes for the December 3rd, 2015 Board of Directors Meeting were approved.  Scott will locate an appropriate spot on the website to store meeting minutes for members of the club to view


Winter Leagues

North Branford Winter League

  • 73 players enrolled to play this year, with 24 of those being college students.  At some point, we would like to remove the reduced rate for college players as it opens the door for college teams potentially abusing the reduced rate, enrolling entire teams and filling the league at a fraction of the cost.
  • Rates for the field use will be rising next year.  Will potentially need to reduce the amount of field time to 1 hour and charge under $100.00


  • Planned and hoped to obtain 40 players per session.  There were around 20 players for the Fall Sessions and less than 20 for the Winter Session.
  • Sean reports that the facility is gaining attention and may increase the rates for field space

Tolland / East Windsor / Tolland Spring

  • Numbers:
    • Tolland:  90 players
    • East Windsor: 90 Players
    • Tolland Spring: 60 Players
  • Older Players Plug led to some confusion as some players were not sure whether or not they could sign up since they were not an “older” player.  Leads to the potential and possibility of creating an over 30 league

High School Aged Players in Winter Leagues

  • General question, “Should we continue allowing?”  We did not really advertise this opportunity and there does not seem to be much of a downside to trying this again next year.
  • Boils down to parents basically watching their kids play and are not required to have background checks.  Will need to have some back-up chaperones, currently Jeff Adams and Alex Morrone.


Club Teams – Support from CUC

  • Questions raised as to the extent of assistance CUC should give to local club teams and how does CUC determine which club teams to assist.
  • There is a need to differentiate CUC from local club teams in the eyes of the towns we acquire field use from.  CUC does not want to jeopardize the relationships it has cultivated with towns as that may led to no longer being able to utilize town fields, which is the lifeline of summer league
  • Will look to make a board decision on a case-by-case basis for requests from club teams


Summer League Planning

  • Scott will take the lead on the Design Competition again this year and will work with Kayla Olsen to order apparel for the teams.  Kayla has a long standing relationship with the company we are currently under contract with using.  Some changes to apparel: Double Color Screening for Shirts and Discs, which would roughly increase the cost by $1 per item.  Scott is also proposing to go back to Lights and Darks for each team as opposed to separate colors for each team; this will be discussed at a later time.
  • Fields:
    • Berlin has sent Dan an email about their deadline for field reservations, which appears to seem that we are developing a pretty good relationship with Berlin.  Looking to hopefully fit 3 fields at Sage Park.
    • The Turf Farm still presents difficulty for planning Summer League given the primary concerns over parking and communication.  Historically, CUC is not guaranteed field space from the Turf Farm til shortly before the beginning of Summer League making it very difficult to account for appropriate field space.  However, attempts will be made to start discussions for this year’s Summer League.
    • Cromwell is becoming our best location and CUC is hoping to have 4 games per day if we receive the same setup as last year.
  • Draft Specifications:
    • Looking to run/house the draft in the same fashion as last year.  Tim Hennessey will reach out the Sheraton Four Points to secure a date sometime during the week of May 23rd.
  • Captains:
    • Tim Hennessey will follow up with last year’s captains in April to determine interest of captaining in 2016.
  • Post Draft:
    • Dan will send rosters to Captains via email, Jeff and Scott will post rosters online and in Ultitrax.
  • Post Games
    • Bars of Choice are Chicago Sams and Sliders; Cox will reach out to these establishments to see if any special deals can be made for CUC Summer League players.  
  • Season Dates:
    • Summer League Draft:  Week of May 23rd
    • Start of Summer League:  June 1st (Wednesday) – Approved
    • Welcome BBQ on June 11th at Wickham Park (Cox will follow up and secure location and food)
    • End of Summer League:  August 13th with a Rain Date of August 14th at Cheshire


Donations / Fund Raising Updates

  • So far we have received $620 in donations, with a $500 check from the parents of a YCC Player.  Board will discuss how to handle donations at next board meeting.
  • Board approved donating 10-15 discs to local high/middle school programs


CTUL Update

  • Looking to have 5 or 6 new teams this year.  The scheduling meeting between all of the coaches took place in January and reportedly went well. 
  • 3 teams have requested funds, CUC will use grant money as we still have money in the CTUL account.  Noted that Grant Money can only be used towards New Teams
  • Tournament Schedule:
    • Masters School:  April 9 (Steve Manion will be TD)
    • States at the Hotchkiss School: May 14th
    • Amity Invite: May 21st
  • Ridgefield High School has had a program for 9 years and has recently lost their coach meaning they are not sanctioned by their school and do not have insurance.  3 players from Ridgefield came to the scheduling meeting in January.  Brings up the question of how do we go about setting up High School teams to play against Youth Club “Town” teams.  Currently, Ridgefield will be set up as a CUC sponsored club team, Pat Laramee will be the new coach and will need to have at least 1 parent chaperone at each practice.
  • Plan to use Ultitrax for scheduling this year.


State Based Organization – USA Ultimate delegating responsibilities

  • New England Ultimate is 1 of 3 pilot programs for this USA Ultimate initiative.  Jeff Adams is CT’s representative, with RI and MA also included in this grouping each with their own representative.  It is still unclear what Jeff’s responsibilities will be moving forward.


US Open Representative

  • Taking place in RI this year, which means it is a pretty low expense for CUC to send a representative due to the close proximity.  Dan will be the representative from CUC, but there is the potential to have others attend.  Currently scheduled for Fourth of July weekend.


Frisbee Festival

  • Weekend Event on June 4th and 5th which will be Frisbee related, not necessarily Ultimate related.  Organizer seeks to have a YCC or High School showcase game on Saturday (preferably mixed) but is open to possibly having a clinic as well; which may be a bad idea having underage players exposed to some of the adult-themed activities that accompany Frisbee.  Toronto Rush will play New York Empire on Sunday.
  • CUC Board will mention this event to its members.