CUC Board of Directors Meeting April 5, 2016

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CUC Board of Directors Meeting April 5, 2016

Call to Order: 6:40pm

Adjournment: 8:13pm


Present: Jeff Adams, Chris Cox, Dan Griffiths, Scott Blankenburg, Sean Murnane, Jenny Gobin, Tim Helmecki, Tim Hennessey, Ken Evitts

Absent: Jenny Gobin


Minutes for the February 22, 2016 meeting were approved.


Summer League Refund:

  • Chris Cox received an email from a player stating that he was not pleased with his summer league experience last year and did not even receive his jersey from his captain, Liam, despite attempts to contact him.
  • Requested a refund for last year (2015) or that the club fund his participation in this year’s summer league (2016)
  • Chris Cox will reach out to Liam to obtain more information


Summer League 2016:

  • Sliders and Chicago Sams need to go through their corporate entities before agreeing to anything related to special deals/discounts and affiliation with our club’s summer league after-game festivities
  • Fields:
    • Cromwell secured for Summer League – Dan will follow up for exact dates
      • Colt Request – weekends requested were not available
    • Cheshire – no confirmation yet
  • Kick-Off Party:
    • Wickham Park booked with no rain date – Sunday June 12, 2016
  • Dates:
    • Registration Dates – April 15th through May 14th
    • Deliver data and registration information to captains by May 20th or 21st
  • Ken will order “enough” 6 to 8 inch cones for summer league
  • Budget Affecting Items:
    • Turf Farm
      • Derrick Meredith is still willing to speak with the Turn Farm on the club’s behalf
      • Will need to account for the usage of the Turf Farm in the budget
    • YCC Coaches Expenses
      • Last 2 years $2000.00 was placed in the Summer League budget for this purpose
      • Last year the expense was approximately $5000.00
      • Will budget approximately $3500.00 into the 2016 Summer League Budget
    • Growth
      • Last year Summer League grew by 31 players
      • 2 years ago Summer League grew by 10 players
      • 2016 Budget will reflect a growth of 12 players
        • $80 increase for discs
        • $1 - $2.25 increase per shirt if we use 2 colors
    • Registration Fees for Summer League 2016
      • Debate between $100 and $90.00 per player
        • $100.00 per player passed
      • Follow-Up item:  Decision on what to spend money earned from Summer League registrations (2015 CUC made approximately $7000.00)
    • Summer League Proposed Budget 2016
      • Roughly $23630.00
        • Ken Evitts will republish the numbers for board members
        • 2015 – Budgeted for $22200.00 and only spent $18061.00
      • Reimbursement of YCC - Passed
        • $1280.00 fixed for Coaches Expenses
          • $500.00 from parents of a player
          • $5.00 donations from registrations
          • 2 United Way donations which was matched by separate entity
      • YCC – Matching
        • Go Fund Me account was set up
        • CUC will match up to $2000.00 of the money earned by the players on the Go Fund Me account
  • USA Ultimate:
    • Youth Club and High School Support – starting to back more of the Youth Club atmosphere since schools are looking to eventually take over programs within the schools (CIAC)
    • USA Ultimate is looking to support Youth Clubs and any teams that want a YCC bid
    • There will be a need to need to sponsor a Youth League of some sort at some time during the year
      • This need means there really is not a need/reason to push trying to bring in “youth” players into CUC Summer League – Board Approved
    • Cover the cost of 2 additional CUC Board members convention fee of $100 per person
      • Board Approved
  • CTUL
    • Dan O’Conner is the organizer
    • April 24, 2016 at Seaside Park
    • Wants to have a 4-team round robin
    • Jeff will have Dan contact Dan Griffiths
  • Disc Donations – YCC
    • Alex Morrone expressed the idea of YCC using CUC excess merchandise to sell with the proceeds going to the YCC
    • Technicality of charging sales tax if we are selling items as YCC is part of CUC
    • Board of Directors is ok with donating discs to YCC and allowing them to do with them as they please