CUC Board Meeting Agenda July 19, 2016

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CUC Board Meeting Agenda July 19, 2016

Call to Order:  6:42pm

Adjournment:  8:45pm


Dan Proposal


Hard Cap – 60 minutes – No win by 2


  • 2 pools of 5 Mens – Games to 9 – Finals to 11
  • 4 pools of 3 Co-Ed – Games to 13 – Finals to 15


Publish Schedule ahead of time – Dan

Republish with Teams Wednesday before Finals – Dan

Collect Cones from Captains – Ask at end of last games – Dan

After Tournament Get-Together?

  • Cox will approach Sliders to see about any deals/specials
  • CUC will not provide anything at this get-together

Jeff – Food

Volunteers Needed for:

Jenny will send the call for Volunteers

Food – Score Keeping – Clean Up

  • Air Horns – Need to Purchase some more (Ken)
  • Captains Meeting (Cox and Dan)
  • Tournament Director
  • Time Keeper
  • White Board and Markers (Kevin)
  • Pizza (Scott)
  • Napkins, Paper Plates, Utensils
  • Trash Bags (Ken)
  • Plaque (update team names)
  • Winners Discs (Scott)
  • Field Clean Up (Everyone)
  • Will have trainer at Tournament (already budgeted)
  • Mini Scoreboards (Sean will contact Jaideep)

*Tim will email captains requesting cell phones for tournament



*Held Tryouts – Made Cuts – Informed players about “scholarships”

  • Team Status
    • Doing well
    • Still practicing at Woodside – 40 kids or so (7 or 8 girls)
    • Considered putting together a Co-Ed team but the girls couldn’t commit
    • Numbers have dwindled since “cuts” were made


  • Donations and Spending of Donations
    • Ken published donations and sent to board members
      • Players Raised $1400.00
      • CUC matched $1400.00 – board approved to go to this year’s YCC team to spend in a manner they deem fit and is approved by YCC Committee
      • $2000.00 from Donations – earmarked for future youth to be used at the Board’s discretion for future years
        • Approved by Board
      • $400.00 grant to a boy – from raised $1400
      • $500.00 grant to a girl – from raised $1400
      • Possibility of 1 more grant – from raised $1400
    • YCC Committee
      • Vote to handle the oversight of itemized budget from YCC and then approving that budget without consulting board of directors
        • Approved by Board


Summer League Future Talk

  • Baggage Issue and the favoritism for Male-Female automatic to Co-Ed
    • Some complaints about it
    • If we stop then we will potentially lose females
  • 3-way baggage
    • Could be a drafting nightmare…software may not be able to accommodate and would require to be rewritten
    • Idea to have a registration button stating: “Are you willing to baggage with a new player”
      • Good thought, good idea but logistical could be difficult to pull off
  • Co-Ed Split…is 4:3 working?  Go back to 5:2?
  • Add a “Prefer Co-Ed, want to be refunded if placed in Men’s” Option at registration
    • 70 players picked “Prefer Co-Ed” and ended up in Men’s
    • Proposal denied by the Board


US Open

  • CEO gave address and has an organizational structure address
  • Obtained International Olympic committee status
  • IOC -> Flying Disc Association -> USAU -> local affiliates
  • Obsessed with Youth Ultimate and Youth Clubs
    • Paying Coaches
    • Making Profit on the programs

Used to fund non-youth programs as well