Summer League Registration

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Before you register, please read this!

1. Two-Division Format:  Summer league features two divisions (men's and co-ed), that operate side-by-side, on the same field sites and same dates.  Both divisions have the same number of games and cost.  When registering, players are asked to select a preference of which division they would like to play in.  A finite number of co-ed division roster spots are open for men, depending upon the number of women who register.  Players can only play in one division, because both play on the same nights.

2. Refund Policy:  Summer league is an organizational challenge and we must set limits on refunds and registration dates.  Accordingly, we do not offer refunds after registration close.

3. Waitlist Policy:  Anyone who registers or pays after the announced closing date will be placed on the waitlist, with no guarantee of playing.  Waitlisted players are not required to pay registration unless they actually enter into the league.  Please follow this link to view all club policies.

3. Summer League Cost:  The cost this season is $100.  We also require an additional $16.50 fee for liability insurance.  If you are a 2017 member (either Affiliate or Full Adult) with USA Ultimate, then this fee is waived.  To learn more about what "Affiliate" means, click here.

4. Merchandise:  All registrations come with a free team shirt (of your team's color) and disc.   

5. More Questions: Please read the Registration FAQ if you have any further questions.  Hopefully we've answered it there.

6. Registered Players List:  Be sure to check the registered players list a few days after you register, to be sure your registration and payment was successful.  If you do not see your name up there, email ASAP.

7. Baggage rules:  All baggage must be mutually listed by both persons in order to be accepted.  Be sure to enter names correctly spelled so that our system recognizes the match.  Male-male baggage will be confirmed after registration and skill-rankings are finalized.  Two top level players or two people who are not in the same division will not be baggaged together.

8. Adults only:  Summer League is only open to players age 18+ at the time of the first game of the season.

Registration will close 12 PM (noon), May 21.  Any registration entries received after this point are placed on the waitlist for further consideration later during the season.  Entering the waitlist is no guarantee of playing.  Click here to proceed to the registration form .