North Branford Winter League Rules

Rules in effect for the 2018 season:

1. Spirit of the Game!  Please resolve calls / disputes quietly with this in mind.

2. Make it - drop it  As soon as you score, drop the disc where you are and play begins again as the scored upon team picks up the disc, brings it to the front of the end zone and ground checks it to begin play.

3. Sub on the fly  Subs are to be made on the fly by slapping hands with the player entering the game.The player entering the game may not enter the field of play until he touches hands with the player leaving the field of play. Subs must take place in the length of the hashes at midfield. If a player violates these rules, a violation may be called.

4. Stall 7  A stall has occurred at the utterance of the "S" in Seven. If a player calls "fast count", the count must drop by 2 and continue.  A second "fast count" call is a foul.

5. Gender ratio guidelines (below are guidelines, teams may agree prior to the game on variations):

   a. Every point is a minimum of 1 woman (note exception "C")

   b. If both teams have 2+ women present, then offense chooses 3/2 or 4/1.

   c. If both teams have only 1 woman present, then every point is 4/1, except that both women may choose to rest on the same point and 5/0 is acceptable.  If only 1 woman chooses to rest then the point remains 4/1.

   d. If one team has only 1 woman and the other has 3+, then offense chooses 3/2 or 4/1.  (If applicable.)

   e. All other situations, the team short of a woman plays down a person.

6. Brick:  If a pull goes out the back of the end zone on the fly, the disc comes up to the top of the ciricle in front of the end zone (approx 5 yd).  If a pull lands in bounds and rolls out the back of the end zone, the disc comes to the front end zone line. Only one of these so make it count!

7. Hard Cap: A 2 minute warning will be announced. At this point, the game should be hard capped. After the game is done, caps of the hard variety are encouraged. Safety first!

8. Nets: Nets are out of bounds. Ceiling is out of bounds. You're out of bounds!

9. Timeouts: One, 70 second, per team. Per Holland. 

10. Pickup Players: No pickup players are allowed. Additionally picking up short players, while fun for tall people, is not encouraged.

11. Ties: You should probably not be wearing a tie during the game, even if it's the most beautiful full windosr knot you've ever tied. There are no tied games in this league. When cap is called, play until a team scores a tie breaking point.