CTUL 2017 Events


CTUL schedules are currently set individually by participating team coaches.  Flexibility is the key and there are no mandatory games or tournaments for CTUL teams.  As a result, each team ends up with a different number of games played, according to their interest and availability.

Head-to-Head Matchups

To help facilitate CTUL head-to-head games, CUC organizes a scheduling session in which coaches of member CTUL teams can meet and arrange their matchups.  In 2017, the CTUL scheduling meeting was held on January 4th @ Middletown High School.

All head-to-head games and tournament results are tracked at ctul.scorereport.net.


In addition to head-to-head matchups, CTUL teams are encouraged to attend any of the several CT High School tournaments during the Spring.  CUC supports each of these tournaments as requested by providing any needed tournament directors, admin support or day-of volunteers.

The following tournaments are planned in CT for 2017. Bid forms will be posted as soon as they are available

Thunderbird Invitational - Saturday, April 8th @ North Branford High School   (Email Jacob Sweet for more info)
Crimson Crew Invitational - Saturday April 8th @ Masters School (West Simsbury, CT)  (Bid Form)
Greens Farms Tournament - Saturday, April 29th @ Greens Farms Academy (Westport, CT) (Email Spencer Diamond for more info)
Middletown Invitational - Saturday, April 29th @ Middletown High School (Email Trevor Charles for more info)
CT State Championships (Div I & II) - Saturday, May 13th @ The Hotchkiss School (Lakeville, CT) Bid Form TBD
Highlander Classic - Monday Memorial Day @ Chase Collegiate School (Waterbury, CT)  (Email Justin Kenworthy for more info)
Amity Invite - Saturday May 21st @ Amity Regional High School (Woodbridge, CT)  (Bid Form)