USAU Affiliate Details

What being a USA Ultimate (USAU) Affiliate means to CUC

The following are a list of highlights of the benefits CUC receives by being a USAU Affiliate.  A full list of Affiliate benefits can be viewed here.

1. CUC remains an independent organization :  The affiliate member agreement means we agree to cooperate with USAU on our mutual goals of growing the sport.  There are a list of both benefits and responsibilities that are enabled while a USAU Affiliate.

2. A new USAU "affiliate member" membership option for CUC members :  USAU now offers a more affordable "affiliate member" membership level for individuals, at a cost of $15 ($10 if new member) per calendar year.  This membership level provides insurance coverage for the individual to participate in any CUC-sponsored events.  

Members who play in college or club events outside of CUC will still need to sign up with USAU at their existing membership levels to be covered at other USAU-sanctioned, non-CUC events.

3. Grant Money:  USA Ultimate offers several categories for grant money, mainly focused on new events.  CUC plans to apply for at least two grants this year. 

4. Administrative Support:  USAU will dedicate two staff members to supporting its Affiliate program.  This means more direct support from USAU with regards to advice on running programs, organizing volunteers, and other paperwork.

5. USAU-Led Event:  USAU will design and administer one event (from a select list of options) in our area in 2013.  This may potentially be coaches' clinic but is currently TBD.

6. Membership Rebates:  CUC will receive a small rebate for each "affiliate member" with USAU.

7. Increased Promotion:  USAU will help to improve promotion of CUC events.  This will include web site announcements and free promotional material.

8. More: TBD!