CUC 2016 Elections

Connecticut Ultimate Club 2016 Elections


The elections period will run from August TBD to September TBD. If you participated in any Ultimate league run by the Connecticut Ultimate Club in the past year, you should recieve a personal email invitation to with a link that will allow you to vote for the candidates of your choice.

Per the bylaws of Connecticut Ultimate Club, Inc., club members vote on the board of directors.  The current composition of the board is 9 members, each serving a two year term.  Elections alternate each year between 5 and 4 open positions.  In 2016, there are 5 open positions and 8 candidates are running for these positions.  The candidates are:


Below are their personal statements:


Jeff Adams

Hello, CUC.  As I complete my third year of work for the CUC Board and my first year of work as the club's president, I hope you will consider me for an additional term as I plan to continue my two main goals of 1) continuously taking feedback on changes/improvements we make for the club so that we may provide the best overall experience for the majority of our members; and 2) expanding our youth ultimate outreach in hopes to build a larger foundation for our club, from which the future college/club/league scene will benefit greatly. Thanks, Jerffreh

Ryan Baldassario

Hello, my name is Ryan Baldassario (you probably know me as Baldy) and I am running for a position on the CUC Board of Directors. I’ve been playing in CUC-sponsored leagues for five years now, and have enjoyed my time in Fall, Winter, and Spring leagues. Outside of CUC, I’ve played ultimate at CCSU and on a variety of mixed and open club teams in CT.

For a few years I’ve wanted to be able to help people get more involved with ultimate - whether they’ve been playing for 10 years or only for a single game of pickup. I am interested in serving on the board so that I can offer my experiences in event organizing, communication, and strategic planning to support the CUC and all of its members – regardless of how long they’ve been involved with the organization. Setting up fields and serving as a captain in leagues is all well and good, but if given the chance, ultimately I think I have more to give back to the CUC. Thanks, and see you on the field!


Scott Blankenburg

Hey everyone!  You probably know who I am  --but for those of you who don't, here's some light reading about the origins of the Connecticut Ultimate Club (and my role in its inception.)

3 years ago I returned to the board (after a 5 year hiatus.)  Upon my return, I'm proud to say that I made several improvements including: upgrading our club's score keeping, upgrading the website (which saved us thousands of dollars), getting Tolland Fall and Spring Leagues online, and creating software utilities used to rate/rank and draft league registrants. 

That being said, there's been a fair amount of debate going on behind the scenes that you probably don't know about.  To get an idea about what the CUC board has been discussing over the past year, please read my policy positions, below:

  • If they offer it to us again next Summer, I'm in favor of utilizing the Winding Brook Turf farm fields in Windsor CT.  In my mind, the benefits of having all games at the same location, on the same nights, outweighs the inconvenience to those living along the shoreline.  Alternatively, I'd be in favor of splitting our Summer League --so that players living in the northern/central portions of the state can enjoy the turf farm. 
  • I'm in favor of making of Summer League shirts and discs optional purchases (rather than mandatory.)  In years past we did this and, in my opinion, it worked out better than our current system because 1) it allowed us to get the shirts and discs out to players on the first night of play, 2) it reduced the cost of the Summer League membership, and 3) it raised money for the Club. 
  • I'm in favor of raising/saving money to eventually purchase our own fields.  If the Cheshire Soccer Club can do it, so can we.  In fact, years ago we painstakingly saved money towards this goal --however, since my return to the Board in 2013, I was saddened to find that the idea was actively being discouraged.
  • I'm in favor of promoting youth Ultimate in our state --with the caveat that any program we implement/support should actively work towards financial independence.  Last year, the club shelled out funds on crazy things like $3500 for a weekend van rental for the YCC team.  This year I helped to put financial controls/incentives in place to reign-in these excessive expenditures.  Within 3 years, I'd like to see youth Ultimate be financially self-sufficient.
  • I'm in favor of allowing the entire club to vote on the winning t-shirt and disc designs (rather than just the Board.)  I liked the winning designs this year, but my gut tells me that the club-at-large would have picked different winners. 

So that's it for me!  If you like what you hear, then vote for me.  If you don't, then please don't not un-vote for someone other than me.  :)



Chris Cox

I have been involved with the CUC board for three years now. I have helped set up and organize various winter leagues, spring leagues, and even set up our summer league Chicago Sams discount. If re-elected I will continue to promote and organize Connecticut Ultimate, as well as all of the previously mentioned items.

Ken Evitts



For those who do not know me I am a long time Connecticut ultimate player; from UCONN in the late 70's to club teams in the 80's and 90's right through every year of CUC summer league. While I have become older and far slower, I still love the sport of ultimate and want to give something back to the sport. In that regard I have been a summer league captain in the past and have now been a board member and treasurer of the club for the past eight years.


On a routine basis I take care of a lot of the day to day club activities such as registration, paying for fields & merchandise, maintaining financial records, completing IRS filings required to maintain our nonprofit status and scheduling summer league games.


During my time on the board I have also contributed to a number of the major issues and initiatives that the board has undertaken such as the difficult decision to implement coed and open divisions so that women could play in a truly coed league, proper incorporation and insurance to protect our volunteers from liability, obtaining USAU affiliate status which has reduced USAU membership fees for many of our league participants while making CUC eligible for a number of grants from USAU and obtaining 501c3 charitable status with the IRS.


I would like to continue to serve the club in this capacity and continue to increase the opportunities for people to play ultimate in Connecticut both youth and adult. I am asking you to reelect me to the board of directors.


Thank you for your vote.


Dan Griffiths

I have served on the CUC board for the past 8 years, including two years as Vice President ('09 & '15) and five years as President ('10-'14).  During that time I have focused on maturing CUC as an organization, leading the efforts to merge with the CTUL high school league, become a USA Ultimate affiliate organization, properly incorporate within CT as CUC, Inc., obtain 501(c)3 status with the IRS, and begin regularly fundraising.  I have promoted the re-introduction of league committees, recruitment of volunteers and fostered good relations with all of our field sites.  These are extensive bureaucratic tasks, with the end goal is to strengthening CUC as an organization that can handle increased player numbers, increased geographic reach, and much more youth Ultimate involvement.  
My current primary interest is growing youth Ultimate in the state.  Since bringing CTUL under CUC three years ago, we have helped it to grow from 15 to 26 teams.  I have played a large role in interfacing with new teams and helping them through their organizational hurdles, including drafting their league bylaws and helping teams to become properly organized to attend the CT High School State Championships, which included 21 teams this year.  I have also played a key role in supporting our youth club team, wihch has traveled to the YCC tournament the last 3 years.  Having been involved with youth Ultimate for 3 years now, I look forward to taking on the challenges of organizing additional high school teams in our league, and setting up a structure for youth club teams moving forward.
A final perspective and interest I have is development of a broader base of volunteers within CUC.  One historical challenge CUC has always had is that the top leadership does way too much work (with risk of burning out); this is evidenced by all the work Scott Blankenburg did in the early years, and you can imagine the hours I put in on the tasks I noted above during my time.  As CUC grows, we need a wider base of volunteers who can handle running our leagues, committees and clincs.  To that end I look forward to expanding our stable of club volunteers, aligning them with tasks of interest, with the goal of supporting more activities by building a corps of experienced volunteers who are able to lead future efforts.  This will allow us to do more without burning out top leadership, leading to a more stable organization.    
Thanks for your vote!

Kayla Olson

Statement not available.


Bryan Pfalzgraf

I'm Bryan Pfalzgraf, or in the frisbee world known as Scrabble.  I'm 24 and have been playing ultimate for 6+ years, which includes 12 different seasons with CUC. I played at UConn for 4 years (3 on the A team) and had started on both o line and d line in separate years as an upperclassman.

As an organizer, I started the team Pride Rock who made club regionals in their first and only year playing and I have also captained Caliber (colts b team) for the past two seasons. Other than team management, I am going to be the assistant coach to UConn Grind this year, the year following our first ever nationals run. In both junior and senior year, I also took large responsibility of organizational matters of the team. I was the travel coordinator for UConn for two years as well as the merchandise coordinator.

I think that I will be very fit for this position and would love to be a larger part of the continuous growth of Connecticut ultimate.